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Ali Afsarpour

Thamtan Aminian is known more as a commercial graphic designer while he has won his more important awards due to his cultural creations. One of these awards has been Icograda Excellence Award which was conferred on him for his poster entitled Our World Is Still Out There in the 8th Tehran International Poster Biennial 2004. He has been the first to win it in Iran. He has also won Morteza Momayez Grand Prize in the 9th Biennial of Iranian Contemporary Graphic Design 2007. Since no one has won the latter ever since, the prize has been exclusively for him. Two of his other cultural activities have been the establishment of Hamrekab Group in collaboration with Pedram Harby and organizing the exhibition Posters of Poster. Aminian is against classifying graphic design into two distinct categories of cultural and commercial. What matters is that the designer needs to try his hardest to employ all his knowledge and power to get the best possible result. He believes that flexibility in using form and idea can transmute any order into an efficient masterpiece of design and art. While the possibility of working on cultural graphic design was available, he opted for promotional graphics based on the following reasons:

Advertisement or promotional graphics has been obsolete in Iran. Experienced designers consider cultural graphic design worthier to work on.  The present challenge in commercial graphic design heads toward an idea. Commercial advertisement needs a narrative idea to communicate with the public. This need has been supplanted by ambiguity and contraction in cultural graphic design which can be digested more easily.  Graphic designers like communicating with a larger audience. Cultural products address a smaller audience because there are limitations in their production and distribution. We have to be realistic. No one is born an advertiser. Just imagine how many people, in addition to being lucky enough to work in an advertising agency such as Eshareh, have had the stamina to follow the principles of advertisement. There are few people of this characteristic.
 Another fact about Aminian which is worth mentioning is his perseverance, not only in his profession, but also as an intrinsic feature. Basically, the personality and ideology of every body affect their career. Aminian is really punctilious, exact and logical in his work. These features could be traced in his work. He never rests unless he has attained the goal.

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