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Neshan 32

Autumn 2014

Intercultural Design Issue

With the contributions of Majid Abbasi, Pegah Ahmadi, Pouya Ahmadi, Ali Bakhtiari, David Crowley, Steven Heller, Aria Kasaei, Majid Kashani, Saed Meshki, Emily Verba Fischer

Intercultural Graphic Design

Saed Meshki

Migratory birds carry pollen with them to new lands. New plants grow in foreign lands and mix with the native ones. Immigrant people also take their culture, traditions, habits, and beliefs to other countries. Overlapping migrant and indigenous cultures affect each other and create a new culture with their similarities. Wars, dramatic social and political transformations, cultural exchanges, and many other factors lead a person to change his or her geographical location and move to another place - sometimes willingly, sometimes forced and... > more


The Migratory Path of Design Students

Steven Heller

The United States has never made it easy for international students, but they come here in droves anyway. Their tenacity to overcome government bureaucracy, financial burden, alien customs and quirky language is more than admirable, it must be celebrated. Foreign students may think that Americans are doing them a favor, but they are contributing just as much, if not more, to the design culture they are “invading.”  You may think that the “invading” suggests a negative, and if I was one of those seal-off-the-boarder-right wing-yahoos who... > more

Iranian Contemporary Design

Many a subtlety, besides beauty; On Farzad Adibi and his Works

Majid Kashani

1. Farzad Adibi belongs to a generation of Iranian graphic designers whose career path was formed in the intersection of two important historical events: one was the improvement in social, political, and economic conditions in the mid-1990s; the other included unprecedented transformations in the technological arena. During this period, Internet and computer programs along with new print industry facilities and digital instruments were transforming the field of art. Graphic design projects were accomplished faster than when almost everything ... > more


Iran: RPM/Iranian Record Sleeve Design

Ali Bakhtiari

The necessity of documenting popular culture in recent years and the debate about whether it is worth documenting is an emerging issue in global academic society. Popular culture is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, and images that encompass the mainstream of any given culture. Popular culture is generally criticized and disapproved of as superficial, consumerist, sensational, and corrupted by other non-mainstream cultural currents. Beginning in 2001, the collection of all types of Persian records and research into the Persian... > more

Design Today

Hola Grüetzi, Pablo Berger!

Emily Verba Fischer

Those who have traveled to Switzerland most likely understand it to be a fairly reserved, structured place. Enter Pablo Berger, a young designer based in Basel since 2009. Boisterous, brash, and bald… he is the opposite of reserved; the opposite of Swiss. He’s, well… Mexican. Berger unwittingly commands the attention of a room. His jubilance, sharp wit, and intensity are not only hallmarks of his personality, but also of his design work. In fact, Pablo’s personal life and work are intertwined as one entity — the foundation of which is an arse... > more

Face to Face

Culture is Everything: Jianping He

Majid Abbasi

Jianping He was born in in China in 1973. He currently lives in Berlin, working as a graphic designer, professor, and freelance publisher.  Jianping studied graphic design at the China Academy of Art from 1991–1994. He received a Master of Fine Arts from Berlin University of the Arts in 2001, and completed his Ph.D. in cultural history from Free University of Berlin in 2011. He served at the Berlin University of the Arts, employed as a guest professor by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, as well as a Ph.D. su... > more


A Poster is an Idea / An Introduction on Roman Cieślewicz Graphic Design

David Crowley

Welcome to the Posterdrome Roman Cieślewicz once called Poland the ‘Plakatodrom (poster-drome) … the largest testing ground of the poster in Europe.’ Whilst posters went into decline in much of Western Europe after 1945, in the People’s Republic of Poland they continued to enjoy high status and the attention of creative artists and designers. Images commissioned to announce new films and theatre performances were relatively free of official propaganda or the need to deliver ticket-buying audiences. Cieślewicz belonged to the second... > more


Fereydoun Ave: Designer

Aria Kasaei

In 1945, Fereydoun Ave was born in Tehran into a Zoroastrian family with origins from Yazd. At the age of eight he was sent to a boarding school in England. When he was eighteen, he enrolled in Agricultural Engineering at Arizona State University. He became leader of the cultural sector of the Associated Students of Arizona State University (ASASU), and organized cultural events such as films, plays, musical performances and exhibitions. After two years he changed his course of study to “Applied Arts for Theatre” as per the advice of... > more


Daily Practice; A Review of Design Experiments by Renata Graw (Plural)

Pouya Ahmadi

Renata Graw is a Chicago-based Brazilian designer, a partner at Plural studio, and the former Vice President of the AIGA Chicago chapter. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro, where she received her BFA from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica in 1996. At that time, Renata and her husband decided to leave Brazil and move to Chicago, where she has been living ever since. In 2005, Renata’s passion and curiosity for design brought her to Basel, Switzerland, where she attended a summer workshop held by Wolfgang Weingart. She then decided to join the... > more