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Neshan 29

Autumn 2012

Book Design Issue

With the contributions of Majid Abbasi, Aydin Aghdashloo, Pegah Ahmadi, Pouya Ahmadi, Steven Heller, Majid Kashani, Saed Meshki, Vanina Pinter, Kambiz Shafei, Setareh Shamdani and Matthew Terdich

An Introduction to Iranian Book Ornamentation

Aydin Aghdashloo

Book ornamentation, along with its affiliated arts, have been some of the most significant and elaborate arts of Iranians for more than a thousand years—beginning from the tenth century and onwards. Even prior to that date, as witnessed by a number of ancient texts, illustrated books had survived from the Sassanid era well into the early Islamic centuries. In fact, original Iranian paintings should be sought in illustrated manuscripts which were ordered extensively and in large numbers from the 15th century onwards. During which time,... > more


Who Cares About Books?

Steven Heller

In The Time Machine, H. G. Wells predicted that in the 21st century books would be replaced by audio rings. In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, futuristic firemen burn books to extinguish knowledge. And in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the crew of the Starship Enterprise inhabits a paperless 24th century where books are relics. In fiction the book’s future looks dim. But ever since Gutenberg introduced movable type, print has indeed been mutable. The book has served as laboratory for writers, artists, designers and typographers, from... > more

Iranian Contemporary Design

Form + Aesthetic; A Review of Book Cover Designs by Majid Abbasi

Saed Meshki

Majid Abbasi is a full-fledged graphic designer for a number of reasons: he is systematic both in his ways of thinking and in his practice of graphic design; he meticulously calculates the start and end points of each of his works and he knows this process like a road map. The same is true of his knowledge of roads and maps in his frequent trips, where if following him, one can rest assured that he will reach the destination. Majid is punctual; if he is to deliver work on a specific date, he will not delay. Employers trust him and can... > more


The Reading Experience of Well; Designed Books in Iran

Majid Kashani

Studying the work quality of Iranian graphic designers active in the field of book design is impossible without first considering the conditions surrounding the publishing industry. Due to various economic and cultural issues, this industry has experienced a difficult time period. Inflation and unpredictable increases in the costs of publication, accompanied by an increasing disinterest of people in reading books, have led the publishing industry into stagnation. This has also slowed down the creative process of those active in this field... > more

Design Today-1

The Book that Music Built; A review of Leander Eisenmann publication design works

Pouya Ahmadi

Symmetrical by nature, the book is a three-dimensional object centered on the axis of its spine. Considering the element of time—consumed through the act of reading—and the properties of its material, the book is a rather complex medium. It requires a depth of knowledge and a mastery of practices that range from micro-typography, typesetting and macro-typography, to layout and imagery. By expertly weaving these elements, the designer facilitates the transformation of the book into a highly intricate exhibition of information, whereby the... > more

Design Today-2

Limited Edition; Independent Books of Edition Taube

Kambiz Shafei

With the advancement of print technology and its increasing availability, printing and publishing books in small runs have become more popular than ever before. Also the increasing number of websites featuring artists’ portfolios, raises the question of how an artist’s book can be produced and distributed differently? Perhaps self-published books were not taken as seriously in the past, where this medium was considered to be better suited for students rather than a professional’s approach to publishing new books. But today’s publications—in... > more

Face to Face

“I always wanted to write.”– Rick Poynor

Majid Abbasi

Why did you choose to write about design? When did you start writing about design, and what kind of design have you written more about? I started writing about design in 1986. I had studied the history of art and already had an interest in art, photography and film. In the early 1980s, design was beginning to get more public attention in Britain and I turned to design magazines as well as highly visual “style” magazines such as The Face, which dealt with popular culture. In my first job as an assistant editor on a design magazine, I wrote... > more


Boom Books

Vanina Pinter

In the book design world, the work of the Dutch Graphic Designer Irma Boom is outstanding. Each of her books is an opus—both fascinating and disconcerting. To write an article on her work is almost impossible, as the reader cannot capture the beauty of her books in the absence of the physical interaction: measuring the weight, feeling the tactility, glancing through the pages, and the pace of reading—all of which are part of an experience that no other description can replace. Some of her books are sold out; others rarely available; and... > more



Matthew Terdich

Just as mechanical printing devices revolutionized access to information hundreds of years ago, the rise of digital technology and electronic publishing now challenges our definition of books and the role they play in society. In a rudimentary sense, a book functions as an object—to contain, present, and share information and ideas through the use of words and images. Technological advancements for digital books enable readers to explore and interact with these same elements as well as video and interactive content, in a singular, multi-sensor... > more


The Art of Bookbinding and the Reading Experience; A study on the works of Reg Beatty

Setareh Shamdani

Reg Beatty, an established Canadian book artist and bookbinder based in Toronto, Ontario, has had many of his works exhibited both across the country and internationally in Italy, France, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the United States. He is a book design professor at York University as well as a book arts professor at OCAD University. When his schedule permits, he also organizes independent bookbinding workshops, and if you are so fortunate to attend one of his classes, you can’t help but be mesmerized as he expertly demonstrates the process of... > more