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Neshan 23

Autumn 2010

Information Design Issue

With the contributions of Majid Abbasi, Pouya Ahmadi, Behrouz Hariri, Steven Heller, Aria Kasaei, Majid Kashani, Masoud Sepehr, Kambiz Shafei, Rosa Shahsavari, Setareh Shamdani, Erik Spiekermann

Information, designer and information design

Majid Abbasi

What is information? It is a massive pile of data which represents certain quantitative and qualitative characteristics of a variable or a group of variables which form the information fundament. Data is in fact the lowest level of abstraction that lead to the derivation of a concept referred to as information. Who is the designer? Someone who concludes a concept through a creative order, logic and process and gets a message across. What is information design? In recent decades, a massive pile of data in various branches of science has led to... > more


Information Design

Erik Spiekermann

We are bombarded by a phenomenon called Information Anxiety which makes us look, listen and react. Some of this information, however, is more important than others. Maybe we’d be better off without the junk mail and the commercials, but often the information we do need isn’t provided in a way we can readily understand. Familiar forms of communication all contain information which may not necessarily excite or even interest you, but not understanding it could be expensive. How you interpret some information could even be a matter of life or... > more

Iranian contemporary design

Farhad in Wonderland

Aria Kasaei

Farhad Fozouni is a full-fledged nonprofessional graphic designer. To him, it is a means to convey his interest and experience. He does what he does instinctively and with specific professional pride. He thirsts for work and in this hustle, trial and error have become part and parcel of his job routine. Sometimes no one can even mark the borderline between his personal experience and the would-be work which is to be demonstrated to the public. For him, the process of work production becomes the production itself. He takes risks easily and... > more


Tehran Metro Signage System

Masoud Sepehr

At present, nearly three million people use urban Metro trains in Tehran and its outskirts everyday. Tehran & Outskirts Metro Exploitation Company started to have the collection of all its guiding signage system designed and redesigned in 2008 while improving the quality of travel, speed and passenger transference at the same time. The collection was designed in Sepehr Studio in collaboration with Pedram Harbi and Masood Sepehr in 2008. It was launched in 2009. Different sorts of signs which lacked harmony or a specific design strategy had... > more

Design today

Catalogtree; Controlled/Uncontrolled

Kambiz Shafei

Design tools allow us to execute our ideas as well as giving us new ideas by their own methods of function. The possibilities and limitations of design tools have the potential to influence how the designer uses them in the design process. Considering these facts, today, design in general must search for new processes that are able to facilitate these roles. New processes which offer different ways of decision making and consequently conceptualizing, must be implemented. Among different graphic design studios around the world, Catalogtree is ... > more

Face to face

Robert Appleton: Vortex

Majid Abbasi

“Vortex. Visual Aural Textual. One language is an interdisciplinary art form - improvising the visual, aural and textual mediated by technology and revealing that one language exists at their intersection. These three separate art forms have largely been held by our culture as distinct subjects. They have been connected in a documentary way by our most popular communications media, film and television - yet they have less frequently been used as pure interdisciplinary form with which to explore their own synergy. Perhaps the oldest form to... > more


R.O. Blechman: The Human Line

Steven Heller

Funny may not the best way to describe R.O. Blechman’s work. Funny is watching someone fall on a banana peel get up and fall again. Blechman’s art foregoes slapstick. It is genuinely humane. There has always been a blend of all things comic and, most important, poignant about his images. Although many later cartoonists have indeed copied the shaky line technique, no one (literally, no one!) has ever duplicated the same humane qualities of his everyman figures. Perhaps the perception of a special, indeed a spiritual, humanity has something to ... > more


Gazing into the Amsterdam Sky!

Pouya Ahmadi

The term, “Visual Research” is frequently used by researchers, artists and designers and has become a keyword within the field of Visual Communication. In his essay, “Research in Art and Design,” Christopher Fraying attempts to clarify this term by identifying three major types of research within the field of Art and Design: Research in Art and Design, Research through Art and Design, and Research for Art and Design Frayling describes “Research in Art and Design” as the most straightforward kind of research. It consists of research into... > more