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Royal Express

Iman Raad

One can not discuss graphic design of the corporate identity of the Royal Express without getting excited by finalization of an order of such big scale from the point of view of a guild stand. In Iran, finalizing such a grand project of corporate identity flawlessly is no mean job. It indicates the awareness of the client as well as the designer and their unique collaboration. As far as the magazine of the graphic design is concerned, the designer is praiseworthy in that apart from the design quality, he has acted professionally. According to the designer, the order started from a logotype and finished here. The client did not have a clue about the definition of corporate identity and the significant role of visual communication in shaping and organizing a project. The designer succeeded in convincing the client to enlarge the project and consequently transmute the design order of a logo into a successful project of corporate identity. The Royal Express package includes a wide range of train logo to the staff outfit, restaurant dishes and floor cover.

Mohammad Reza Abdol-Ali, the designer of the Royal Express corporate design, was born in 1982. He works in his personal studio in Tehran. He is an MA graduate of visual communications from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University. Upon graduation, up to last year, he was teaching in the same faculty. He is also a member in Dabireh Workshop which deals with the activities concerning Persian script. Recently, he has joined the Guild Society of Iranian Graphic Designers. During his professional life, he has worked on a wide range of designs such as corporate identity, the press graphics, boo cover designs and posters. The most outstanding signature by Mohammad Reza Abdol-Ali is the way he deals with Persian script. He mostly uses fonts which have not been designed before and he has developed them himself. His taste in design starts with simple, yet tortuous, geometry which has culminated in the Royal express. One can follow the trace of this logotype in decorative Kufic script at the beginning of Islamic calligraphy era.   

Mohammad Reza Abdol-Ali was nominated for the Silver Cedar Award of the department of corporate identity design in 2011 which is conferred by Guild Society of Iranian Graphic Designers.

Iman Raad

born in 1979 in Iran, is an artist and graphic designer. His refined, hand-draughted typography and designs reveal works that walk the line between graphic design and art.  He draws on his ancient visual heritages to weave vivid embroideries, drawings and designs that reconcile traditional mystical and folkloric tales with contemporary existence. His works inspired by a vast array of aesthetics, from architecture, calligraphy, pottery and religious flags while blaring a naivety observed in folk culture and everyday script writing.
Raad lives between Iran and the US. He has been featured in books including ‘The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design’ (Phaidon).

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