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Neshan 27

Spring 2012

Environmental Graphic Design Issue

With the contributions of Majid Abbasi, Ali Afsarpour, Pegah Ahmadi, Pouya Ahmadi, Ruedi Bauer, Behrouz Hariri, Majid Kashani, Farshid Mesghali, Jens Muller, Iman Raad, Ali Rashidi, Olga Severina, Kambiz Shafei and Setareh Shamdani.

Design, Graphics and Environment

Majid Abbasi

“I never design a building before I’ve seen the site and met the people who will be using it". - Frank Lloyd Wright Human and his relation with the designed environment and space (both individually and socially) are the most decisive elements in designing the surrounding environment. Designers and architects are inexorably involved with human behavioral effects in the context where people work and live. This is to say that design has a direct relation with human and his activities. Therefore, it is destined to be functional. Through design... > more


Visual And Verbal Homogenization

Reudi Baur

We are living in a tragic epoch of history, where we are witnessing rapid disappearance of a prodigious number of languages, cultural characteristics and tools for transcribing thoughts. The symbols and systems of representing ancient rituals are on the brink of extinction. In brief, the richness of semiology is being threatened. During the compilation of an encyclopedia for peace signs in a matter of years*, I came to realize how insidiously are the ancient symbols such as the ones found in rich civilizations like China on the verge of... > more

Iranian Contemporary Design


Ali Afsarpour

Thamtan Aminian is known more as a commercial graphic designer while he has won his more important awards due to his cultural creations. One of these awards has been Icograda Excellence Award which was conferred on him for his poster entitled Our World Is Still Out There in the 8th Tehran International Poster Biennial 2004. He has been the first to win it in Iran. He has also won Morteza Momayez Grand Prize in the 9th Biennial of Iranian Contemporary Graphic Design 2007. Since no one has won the latter ever since, the prize has been... > more


Re-perceiving Urban Space Undergoing Change

Pegah Ahmadi

The pictures of urban spaces, which accumulate in one’s mind, are in a constant state of transformation. As an individual moves through a space, at every instant new mental images arise while others fade away. The process by which space is perceived originates in the differentiating restlessness between the birth of one image and the fading of another. Only between these two circumstances can a mental image of space emerge. Here, the question arises: How does one perceive an urban space, considering the fact that the perceptual characteristics... > more


Royal Express

Iman Raad

One can not discuss graphic design of the corporate identity of the Royal Express without getting excited by finalization of an order of such big scale from the point of view of a guild stand. In Iran, finalizing such a grand project of corporate identity flawlessly is no mean job. It indicates the awareness of the client as well as the designer and their unique collaboration. As far as the magazine of the graphic design is concerned, the designer is praiseworthy in that apart from the design quality, he has acted professionally. According to ... > more

Design Today-1

Dark Matters; Welcome to Our Universe

Kambiz Shafei

Dark Matters is the name of the studio of Lasse Andersen and Rune Brink Hansen in Copenhagen, Denmark. These two designers have been working together for almost 10 years. Dark Matters works in different fields of visual communication and design – from designing CD covers to video projection, film, video clip and scenography. In the client list of the studio we come across names such as BMW Mini, MTV Europe, Sony Denmark, National Danish Television, Copenhagen Fashion Week, The Danish AIDS foundation, Danish Academy of Music and Copenhagen... > more

Design Today-2

Space, Form, and Content/ Project Projects Studio

Behrouz Hariri

is formally known as a design studio, and a good one at that, but it fulfils more roles than a traditional studio. Staffed with some of the most inquisitive minds in contemporary graphic design, the studio is home to a group of very articulate and versatile designers who play an active role in creating the contemporary literature of design and contribute to critical thinking surrounding the field. Founded in 2004 by Prem Krishnamurthy and Adam Michaels; with Rob Giampietro joining as a principal in 2010, the studio is based in New York and... > more

Face to Face

Made in Space; An Interview with April Greiman

Majid Abbasi

What was your first experiences on design from early years of the digital age? I was working first in video early 80s and then went onto using video ‘paintboxes’ (used by the broadcast industry) to begin to explore new imagery and new media. It was easy to move into using Macintosh 128K then in 1984 because I was a bit fluent with computers for design. Which projects have you designed with your Mac? The only professional works published were two posters for “Lacia Museum Fashion Show” and “Society of typographic Arts” plus Design... > more


Bruno K. Wiese - Visual ideas

Jens Mueller

Bruno K. Wiese (born 1922) belongs to a generation of German design personalities, that left behind the so called “Gebrauchsgraphik” (advertising art) after World War II, and set with his works and doing the basics for that what we call “graphic design” today. His basic understanding of design is based on the influence of his teacher O.H.W. Hadank, who was one of the leading brand designers of the 1920s and 1930s. With his works for cigarette corporations and the ink-producer “Pelikan”, he is rather a representative of a classic design approch... > more


Alexander Rodchenko "The future is our one and only goal"

Olga Severina

The name Alexander Rodchenko is one of the most influential names in Soviet constructivism. He was born in 1891, on the eve of the Russian Revolution, in the city of St. Petersburg. As a young boy, Rodchenko had a modest upbringing – his father worked as a prop maker and his mother was a common washerwoman. When he was 11 years old, the family moved to the city of Kazan. Later, out of respect for his father, who wished for his son to have a prestigious profession, Alexander begins studying to become a dental technician, but all he really... > more


In-Between Color, Sound and Space

Pouya Ahmadi

Knowledge of the world is conveyed to us by diverse signals impacting our senses. However, our senses of perception are not sensitive enough to detect all changes in our surrounding environment. LAb[au] or ‘laboratory for architecture and urbanism’ is an art and research organization which is interested in exploring the relationship between technology and the accessibility of the extrasensory information in the urban environment. More specifically, they have focused on the use of technology as an extension of the human sensory system... > more